Season Premiere Recap- October 1, 2011

On the season premiere of Masked Warriors, Lizmark Jr. defeated Marco Corleone, Charly Malice and RJ Brewer to become the first ever Lucha Libre USA Heavyweight Champion. This match was not without controversy. Just when it seemed like Marco Corleone had Lizmark Jr. set up for the Mark of Excellence, Rellik appeared from under the ring and threw an unknown substance in Corleone’s face allowing Lizmark Jr. to hit the decapitation and score the victory.

That was not the only shocking occurrence that took place during this match. As Sydistiko continually tried to interfere, a man that we thought was Super Nova came down to attack him.Later, it was discovered that this impostor was Petey Williams, who was there to help RJ Brewer attempt to win the title. Speaking of Sydistiko, he and Rellik defeated Rudisimo after a man cloaked in all black came in and kicked El Oriental in the face. Who was this masked man and what was his motive? Perhaps more importantly, what will happen on next week’s episode? Will Marco Corleone seek revenge against Treachery? Will we find out what the alliance between Petey Williams and RJ Brewer is? And will we know any more about the mysterious man cloaked in black?

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