Episode 4 Recap- October 22, 2011

The Right continued their crusade to put an end to Lucha Libre USA. Petey Williams defeated Charly Malice with help from RJ Brewer. Meanwhile, RJ Brewer was incensed as someone broke into The Right Headquarters and replaced the mask that he had stolen from Super Nova with a pink wig. This led to RJ challenging Magno to face a member of The Right. Magno accepted the challenge but little did he know that the man he would be up against would be none other than the bodyguard and newest member of The Right, The Firewall Jon Rekon. This massive man decimated Magno with an offense of brute force and power. Magno did all that he could to survive but in the end, Rekon picked up the victory. Mini Park and Pequeño Halloween got into a confrontation which eventually broke out into the lanes of a bowling alley. Park’s gambling addiction looked to have paid off as he won a measure of money against Halloween, but it was quickly taken away by Tigresa Caliente who looks to be collecting on behalf of Mini Park’s ex-wife. In our main event, Rudisimo defeated both Treachery and the PR Powers to become the first Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Champions. During the match, we saw not one but two men cloaked in black interfere. Who are these men and what is their agenda?

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