Episode 3 Recap- October 15, 2011

Rudisimo defeated the PR Powers thanks to the mysterious man in black who no one seems to know anything about. Rebecca Reyes did her best to find out more information about the masked man, as she chased him into the parking lot, but she was unsuccessful. The LLUSA Champion, Lizmark Jr. had a cape fitted for himself and told his Treachery companions that if they won the tag team titles, that he would have capes made for them as well. Sydistiko was given the task to take out The International All-Star Marco Corleone in a one-on-one match. Just as Marco seemed to be gaining the momentum the rest of Treachery came out and attacked Corleone. The out of no where and to everyone’s surprise, Shane Helms made his shocking Masked Warriors debut by assisting Marco in the ring. In our main event, RJ Brewer did everything he could to cheat Magno out of a victory. Unfortunately for him, Magno managed to score the pin-fall victory just as it looked like RJ Brewer was going to go against his promise of having his head shaven. Rocky Romero came down to help Magno by putting RJ in a sleeper. With RJ Brewer KO’d, Magno and Rocky took the clippers and shaved RJ’d head bald. How will The Right respond after RJ suffered this humiliating defeat? Who will walk out of Casa de Lucha as the first ever Lucha Libre USA Tag Team Champions? Find out next week on Masked Warriors on MTV2 at 10am EST.

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