Episode 2 Recap- October 8, 2011

In honor of his victory, the self-professed ruler of Lucha Libre USA and Heavyweight Champion, Lizmark Jr. commissioned an artist to paint a portrait of him. Marco Corleone claimed that he wanted to be the first to honor the champ by bowing down to Lizmark Jr. but just as Marco was getting down on one knee, he threw a can of yellow paint on the portrait and on Lizmark Jr. Sydistiko and Rellik made an open challenge to any tag team. Magno and Rocky Romero (who debuted in this episode) answered the challenge. They defeated Treachery, thanks to the man cloaked in black. The man, who helped Treachery last time, cost them the match this time. It was, also, found out that Tigresa Caliente was the one responsible for spiking Rebecca Reyes’ drink – allowing Pequeño Halloween to take advantage of the situation and convincing her to marry him.

During a tag match between Pequeño Halloween and Tigresa Caliente versus Mascarita Dorada and Octagoncito, Rebecca interfered and allowed Octagoncito to pick up the victory. Also last week, RJ Brewer and Petey Williams unmasked Super Nova in the middle of the ring, after Petey Williams cheated to pick up a victory against him. As the newly named “Right” looked to continue to attack Super Nova, Magno came to his aid and challenged RJ Brewer to a wager match for next week. If Magno wins, he shaves RJ’s head. If RJ wins, Magno must remove his mask. What will be the fate of next week’s match? Will the prideful patriot be forced to lose his hair or will Magno be forcibly disgraced by having his mask removed? Watch next Saturday’s episode of Masked Warriors to find out.

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